Buy Cortexin lyophilisate for preparing solution 10mg №10
  • Buy Cortexin lyophilisate for preparing solution 10mg №10

Cortexin lyophilisate for preparing solution 10mg №10


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Active ingredient and dosage form

lyophilisate for solution for i / m administration powder or porous mass of white or white with a yellowish shade of color, from which they prepare a colorless transparent solution.
1 vial contains Cortexin (a complex of polypeptide fractions isolated from the cerebral cortex of cattle and pigs) - 10 mg;
in vials of 10 mg, in a carton of 10 bottles.

Mechanism of action

A drug that improves brain metabolism. Cortexin is a lyophilisate obtained by acetic extraction from the cerebral cortex of cattle or pigs, containing low-molecular active neuropeptides, the molecular weight of which does not exceed 10,000 daltons, sufficient for penetration through the BBB.
Cortexin has a tissue-specific multifunctional effect on the brain, which is manifested in metabolic regulation, neuroprotection, functional neuromodulation, and neurotrophic activity.
Cortexin increases the efficiency of energy metabolism of brain cells, improves intracellular protein synthesis.
Cortexin regulates the processes of lipid peroxidation in brain cells, reduces the formation of free radicals, blocks the processes of free radical oxidation.The drug eliminates the imbalance of inhibitory and excitatory amino acids, has a moderate GABA-ergic action.
The drug has a positive effect in violation of cognitive functions, improves concentration, short-term memory, ability to learn, accelerates the restoration of brain function after stress effects, regulates the level of serotonin and dopamine. Stimulates the process of mental activity, without exerting an excessive activating effect, restores the bioelectric activity of the brain.
Cortexin stimulates reparative processes in the brain.

Indications and usage

Disorders of cerebral circulation; encephalopathies of various genesis; acute and chronic encephalitis and encephalomyelitis; vegetative vascular dystonia; epilepsy; traumatic brain injury; viral and bacterial neuroinfections; cerebral palsy; delayed psychomotor and speech development in children; asthenia; impaired memory, thinking, reduced ability to learn.


Individual intolerance to the drug; pregnancy.

Dosage and administration

For adults the drug is prescribed in a / m dose of 10 mg 1 time / day for 5-10 days.
If necessary, repeat the course after 1-6 months.
Have children weighing less than 20 kg the drug is used at a dose of 0.5 mg / kg body weight, with body weight more than 20 kg - 10 mg / day. The drug is administered in / m 1 time / day for 10 days.
Rules of preparation of the solution
The contents of the vial are dissolved in 1-2 ml of a 0.5% solution of Novocaine, water for injection or an isotonic solution of sodium chloride.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of from 2 ° to 20 ° C.

Cortexin Lyophilisate