Buy Gliatilin capsules 400mg №14
  • Buy Gliatilin capsules 400mg №14

Gliatilin capsules 400mg №14


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Mechanism of action

GLIATILIN - Nootropic drug. Cholinomimetic central action with a predominant effect on the central nervous system. The release of choline from the active substance occurs in the brain; choline is involved in the biosynthesis of acetylcholine (one of the main mediators of nervous excitation). Alfoscerate biotransformed to glycerol phosphate, which is a precursor of phospholipids.

Acetylcholine improves the transmission of nerve impulses, and glycerophosphate is involved in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine (membrane phospholipid), as a result, the elasticity of membranes and the function of receptors are improved.

Gliatilin increases cerebral blood flow, enhances metabolic processes and activates the structures of the reticular formation of the brain, as well as restores consciousness during traumatic brain damage.

It has a preventive and corrective effect on the factors of involutional psychoorganic syndrome, such as changes in the phospholipid composition of neuronal membranes and a decrease in cholinergic activity.

Thus, pharmacodynamic studies have shown that Gliatilin acts on the synaptic, incl. cholinergic nerve impulse transmission (neurotransmission); plasticity of the neural membrane; receptor function.

Indications and usage

- The acute period of traumatic brain injury, mainly with stem lesions (including in case of impairment of consciousness, coma);

- disorders of cerebral circulation by ischemic type (acute and recovery period) and hemorrhagic type (recovery period);

- degenerative and involutional psychoorganic syndromes and consequences of cerebrovascular insufficiency, such as primary and secondary disorders of mnestic functions, characterized by impaired memory, confusion, disorientation, reduced motivation, initiative and ability to concentrate;

- changes in the emotional and behavioral sphere: emotional lability, increased irritability, loss of interest; senile pseudomelancholia;

- multi-infarction dementia.


- hypersensitivity to the drug.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding


Dosage and administration

Capsules are ingested before meals; the solution is injected into the / m or / drip.

In acute conditions in / m at a dose of 1 g (1 ampoule) per day or in / in - from 1 g to 3 g per day.

With the on / in the introduction of the contents of 1 ampoule (4 ml) diluted in 50 ml of saline; infusion rate - 60-80 drops / min. The duration of treatment is usually 10 days, but if necessary, treatment can be continued until positive dynamics and the possibility of switching to capsules can occur.

In chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency, changes in the emotional and behavioral sphere, and multi-infarction dementia, the drug is administered orally 400 mg (1 capsule) 3 times / day.

The duration of therapy is 3-6 months.

Adverse reactions

Possible: nausea (as a result of dopaminergic activation), allergic reactions.

As a rule, the drug is well tolerated even with prolonged use.

If nausea occurs during the use of Gliatilin, its dose should be reduced.

Influence on ability to drive motor transport and control mechanisms

Gliatilin does not affect the patient's ability to engage in potentially hazardous activities.


Symptoms: nausea. When this symptom occurs, it is recommended to reduce the dose of the drug.