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  • Buy Lioton 1000 gel 50g

Lioton 1000 gel 50g


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Active ingredient and dosage form

Gel for external use:
1 g of gel contains Heparin sodium 1 thousand IU;
Excipients: methyl parahydroxybenzoate, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, carbomer 940, ethanol 96%, non-cerium oil, lavender oil, triethanolamine, purified water;
30, 50 and 100 g in a tube.

Mechanism of action

Lioton - a drug with antithrombotic action for external use. It also has an anti-exudative, moderate anti-inflammatory effect.

Indications and usage

Thrombophlebitis of the superficial veins, phlebothrombosis; complications after surgical operations on the veins; localized infiltrates and edemas; injuries, bruises (including muscle tissue, tendons, joints); subcutaneous hematomas.


Hypersensitivity to the drug.
The drug should not be used for bleeding, as well as on open wounds, mucous membranes and purulent processes.

Carefully apply with increased bleeding.

Dosage and administration

Outwardly. The gel is applied to the skin in the affected area of ​​3-10 cm of the gel 1-3 times a day and gently rubbed.

Adverse reactions

Allergic reactions.

Keep out of reach of children, dry, dark place at temperatures not above 25 ° C.