Buy Gleatser ampoules 250mg / ml 4ml №3
  • Buy Gleatser ampoules 250mg / ml 4ml №3

Gleacer ampoules 250mg/ml 4ml №3


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Mechanism of action

Gleacer - nootropic agent. Central cholinostimulyagor, which contains 40.5% of metabolically protected choline. Metabolic protection contributes to the release of choline in the brain. It provides the synthesis of acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine in neuronal membranes, improves blood flow and enhances metabolic processes in the central nervous system, activates the reticular formation. Increases linear blood flow rate on the side of traumatic brain damage, contributes to the normalization of spatio-temporal characteristics of spontaneous bioelectric brain activity, regression of focal neurological symptoms and recovery of consciousness; It has a positive effect on the cognitive and behavioral reactions of patients with vascular diseases of the brain (dyscirculatory encephalopathy and residual cerebral circulation disorders). It has a prophylactic and corrective effect on the pathogenetic factors of the involutional psychoorganic syndrome, changes the phospholipidic composition of the neurons and cholterirometry, and ispatient tissue, and ispatient tissue and ispatient tissue and ispacouples, and changes in the neurovascular circuitry of the neurons, and changes in the neurovascular circulation disorder, changes in the phospholipid composition of the neuron and heart chromosculature, reduces cholangiopathology, and reduces cholrophoresis to the heart, as well as chol- teriopathologic neurons, as well as reducing cholrophoresis and chromomas. acetylcholine under physiological conditions; participating in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine (membrane phospholipid), improves synaptic transmission, plasticity of neuronal membranes, receptor function. It does not affect the reproductive cycle, does not have teratogenic and mutagenic effects.